Solutions without compromise

Blue Sky Measurement’s NIRview® addresses the key industry objectives for a methane emissions monitor & methane leak detector.

  • Continuous

  • Quantifiable

  • Affordable

  • Source localization

Actual Measurement

Most current methane emission assessments lack actual measurement. If a leak is detected, tables are used to report possible emission rates.

NIRview measures the methane concentration for a focused view that can be scanned across the entire wellpad providing a 2D concentration map.

Frequent Testing

Labor intensive methane emission’s surveys can only be performed periodically. Leaks can go undetected for months or years. Robust, continuous measurement is needed to achieve aggressive emission’s reductions.

NIRview is a fixed position measurement & methane leak detector solution providing daily measurement of total emission rate.

Low Cost

Continuous or even regular methane emissions detection/measurement has been cost prohibitive at the field level.

NIRview’s novel design enables cost effective daily measurement for even small well pads.

Wind Sensitivity

Estimating total site emissions is particularly challenging in windy conditions. Point sensing approaches are highly dependent on supplementary meteorological measurements, dispersion modeling, and empirical tuning factors.

NIRview provides a 2D concentration map around and above the site which dramatically reduces the overall wind sensitivity.