Methane Emissions Measurement

Continuous and affordable measurement

Continuous, accurate methane emissions measurement for the field

  • Quantification

    Scans entire pad and reports 2D methane concentration map at user definable resolution and determines overall emission rate.

  • Continuous

    Robust, fixed position near infrared (NIR) scanner provides daily emissions measurements.

  • Field Level

    Designed for permanent installation at less than the annualized cost of a biannual survey approach.


Cost Effective Daily Measurement

Blue Sky Measurements is changing the way methane emissions are detected and quantified for your production systems. NIRview’s innovative design brings the potential of continuous and quantifiable methane measurement to the well pad and provides the added benefit of being able to visualy observe the site on demand.


Detailed Measurement Every Day

Our NIR technology (patent pending) uses sunlight to detect and measure methane concentration across your entire facility. Our narrow view open path measurement is automatically scanned across a user definable grid providing a detailed 2D concentration map. Read more in our Solutions page to learn how we are making breakthroughs today.

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Methane emissions from oil and gas operations represent one of the largest sources of climate changing greenhouse gases. Cost effective detection technology is the key to substantial emission reduction.
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