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Methane emission technology NIRview combines a visual video camera with a near infrared photometer designed to measure open path methane concentration within a narrow field-of-view.

A pan & tilt base scans the NIR scope across the pad according to a user defined schedule and user defined spatial resolution.

NIRview reports a 2D methane emission concentration grid on top of a visual image of the site. NIRview uses that detailed concentration map to estimate the overall site emission rate.

  • Low power

  • Easy installation

  • Designed for the oilfield

Passive Measurement

NIRview uses the NIR radiation in sunlight to measure the methane emission concentration around the site in somewhat similar fashion to some methane tracking satellites in operation today. This keeps equipment cost down and allows for open path measurement in any direction.


NIRview employs a spectroscopy-based approach rather than just IR imaging to provide actual open path concentration measurements.

With the ability to canvass your entire wellsite you get continuous daily measurement with source localization.